Warranty: Lifetime

I stand behind every stitch, in every JPak for the life of the Pak. Period.

I pride myself in quality and reliability when designing and producing any of the JPaks products. In real life, stuff happens. When that stuff happens, know that I'll stand behind my products.


Once a FramePak deposit has been made, and work has begun, there are no refunds. Custom FramePaks are unique to the individual purchasing them and thus, cannot be refunded once I've begun.

*One thing to note about FramePaks and Velcro on paint*

No matter the material used between the mounting straps and the FramePak, some rubbing/wear/discoloration/fading/scratching of the paint will occur. Once dust, dirt or mud get between the frame and velcro it acts as a mild abrasive. Bolt-in FramePaks help alleviate this.

If you don't consider this type of wear a 'badge of honor' for all the miles of smiles, please use Helicopter tape, 3M clear-bra or the like on the frame where the velcro mounts.