About me

Eagle Scout, Industrial Designer, Bikepacker, all around adventurer and passionate cyclist, I am JPaks.

I moved to Colorado in 2004 to pursue a degreee in Industrial Design from the Art Institute of Colorado and take advantage of all the adventures within the Rocky Mountains. It was during this time I found and developed a love for the art of sewing. After graduating with a degree in Industrial Design, I followed a few other career paths before founding JPaks LLC in 2012.

Bikes have been a way of life since the beginning for me

Bikes have been a way of life since the beginning for me


Who makes your Paks?

I personally hand craft each and every JPak here in Denver Colorado with an emphasis on quality and function. Each Pak is tailored to your needs and requirements.

How did you get started?

JPaks was born out of the passion for bikepacking that runs deep within me. I personally use, test, abuse and refine all JPaks myself because 'good enough' is never good enough for me. 

You may find that I am gone for a few weeks every summer and winter in pursuit of keeping that passion alive and making JPaks the best they can be.

From social media, web-design and advertising all the way through ordering, design, and production, I am the 'J' in JPaks.

-Joe Tonsager