Please email me at: for my shipping address

When shipping a template to me, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Make sure to mark all spots on the template for: Front der, cable stops, H2O mounts (along with under the down tube mounts), seat tube braces and any other straps from existing bags.
  2. The tighter the template 'fits' into the frame, the better. Use cardboard, use poster-board, or even use an old poster.
  3. Make small 'dashes' (2-3 inches long) at each tube junction while holding the template material to the frame. Once the template is removed, connect the 'dashes' with a straight edge ruler. This helps prevent the marker or pen from 'rolling' on the tubes when trying to connect the dashes.
  4. Once the lines are connected, cut, trim, and make the template fit inside the frame.

When you recieve a package from me:

Don't be surprised to see up-cycled packaging when recieving your JPaks.

I strive to reuse the packages I receive my materials in and I encourage you to do the same.