Fat biking!

I made the trip out to Como Colorado on Friday the 24th for the Abominable Fat bike championships on Saturday the 25th. Friday evening saw cool temps and good course conditions, but alas as the night descended upon us the temps never got as low as we would have liked. This meant soft snow on course and warm temps on Sat morning.
Lots of good people, a GREAT venue and plenty of miles of smiles... I'll be back next year for more!

Yours truly, making that Fat bike look good!

Jeremy Hedrick powering through a soft corner

Just when you think you can trust people...

verb (used with object), stole, sto·len, steal·ing.

to take (the property of another or others) without permission or right, especially secretly 
or byforce

One of my best friends had his beloved Surly Krampus stolen last night right before we were to depart for our annual Thurs night ride. Locked, under lights and all.

To all my friends in MN, MO, IA, WI, CO, FL, UT, GA, IL and every other state, please keep an eye open for this very unique Krampus.

Large Surly Krampus
Cannondale Lefty carbon fork (not pictured)
XX1 crank with XT 1x10
KS dropper post
Green seat, Green H-Bars
Custom JPaks FramePak, RukSak and SnakPak (all the same colorway)
Knards, Rabbit holes, Project 321 front hub

Please don't let some low-life, scumbag, non-deserving, piece of shit get away with this.

Unchained Iceland

Over the past few months I've had the pleasure of not only meeting Geoff Harper, but also working on a full set of Pak's for his 9:ZERO:7 fatbike running an internally geared CVT Nuvinci hub and Gates Carbon belt drive. You see, Geoff is headed to Iceland on Monday Aug 5th to ride 500 miles along the coast on his bike in an adventure dubbed, Unchained Iceland. A feat that has yet to be accomplished.

Geoff is an amazing individual with a drive and passion for pushing the limits of what the human body and mind can achieve and a penchant for going where no one has gone before.

I'll be living vicariously through Geoff's adventure for the next 4 weeks :)

What follows are Geoff's Paks that include a full FramePak w/hydration sleeve and port, SeatPak and H-BarPak with custom GoalZero mounting clips for running the solar unit on top of the H-BarPak to gain maximum rechargeability while riding.

Customer Pics

His & Hers. Specialized FSR XC + Giant Trance both sporting 70+oz bladder,
RukSaks, and SnakPaks
Salsa Fargo FramePak_100oz bladder compartment + SeatPak + Ruksak
Krampus FramePak_100oz bladder sleeve + hose port + internal pockets

Surly Ogre FramePak, SeatPak, RukSak and ToolPak
Fully Pak'd Access 29'r_HandlebarPak, SnakPak, FramePak (external map pocket +internal pockets),
 ToolPak and SeatPak

Blitz Cycleworks + SnakPak

RukSak in the wild

Pedal bike shop's Ti Warbird custom HalfPak

Thank you to everyone for all your support!!

Recumbent WaterPak & MacPak

Here are a few shots of Johnny's completed Water Pak for his recumbent. This holds a 100oz bladder in a centralized compartment, multiple interior pockets, removeable plastic spine, waterproof zipper and reflective band.
The MacPak has an internally padded sleeve for an Ipad(mini), dual interior pockets, key 'clip', and external D-rings to allow over the shoulder carrying while off the bike.
This is 1 of 2 pieces for Johnny and they will be ridden across the country in a few weeks.

Weekends are for catching up with the life you miss during the week

But even the weekends don't find me escaping these days. Lots of work and lots of ideas to play with coupled with recent snows has put me behind the thread pusher a lot. And I love it.
Here is the result of said work... The new Handlebar Pak

Internally divided front pocket with external mesh pocket.
Roll closure 'burrito' style main bag.
Tight, innovative mounting

Hydration Station

I get a lot of questions regarding the mounting of a hydration bladder hose when using a frame pak with an internal bladder compartment.

Here is my solution: I used one of the many mini cord-reels I have for fly fishing to secure the hose to my RukSak while riding. This allows easy access to the hose while riding and hands free use. When done sipping  on your juice, simply let-go of the hose and the cord reel takes it home.\

Buy a mini cord reel. Install. Enjoy some of the best riding you've ever had.

Free you back from the pack!

Partially extended



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