Unchained Iceland

Over the past few months I've had the pleasure of not only meeting Geoff Harper, but also working on a full set of Pak's for his 9:ZERO:7 fatbike running an internally geared CVT Nuvinci hub and Gates Carbon belt drive. You see, Geoff is headed to Iceland on Monday Aug 5th to ride 500 miles along the coast on his bike in an adventure dubbed, Unchained Iceland. A feat that has yet to be accomplished.

Geoff is an amazing individual with a drive and passion for pushing the limits of what the human body and mind can achieve and a penchant for going where no one has gone before.

I'll be living vicariously through Geoff's adventure for the next 4 weeks :)

What follows are Geoff's Paks that include a full FramePak w/hydration sleeve and port, SeatPak and H-BarPak with custom GoalZero mounting clips for running the solar unit on top of the H-BarPak to gain maximum rechargeability while riding.