Bailey Newbrey : 2018 Tour Divide: 1st singlespeed / 2nd overall - Woodsmoke FramePak

-At JPaks, bikepacking is a way of life-

It's something we live, breathe and think about each and every day. From short, local overnighters to weeks abroad living off of bikes, bikepacking is in our blood and shows in our designs.

JPaks is driven by our passion to make the best possible gear for your next adventure.

This passion has lead to innovative design features such as Fully Bolted-in FramePaks that eliminate velcro, to the ModPak pictured below.


All Paks are built and tested to the highest standards, here in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado


Handmade, Purpose built bikepacking gear that's as stoked to explore as you are!


Bolted FramePak longterm review by: Neil Beltchenko

After two+ years of riding, racing and abuse, Neil Beltchenko suppmitted an indepth, comprehensive review of his bolted-in Salsa Mukluk FramePak.

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Every ride is an adventure

where are you headed?